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Shaped Cells

Custom-shaped for Maximum Efficiency
Grepow custom-shaped batteries are designed to fit into any and all spaces in a product. In order to provide the best efficiency, Grepow batteries can be made to fit into even unused spaces. With our proprietary formula and high discharge-rate technology, you can maximize the run time and use of your product. Grepow has been researching developing and manufacturing batteries for over 20 years, and we are the industry-leading manufacturer of shaped LiPo batteries. From our inception, we have been cooperating with many of the top 500 companies in the world.
Custom-shaped Batteries
Shaped Batteries Features

1. Excellent explosion-proof performance, no fire or explosion in gun test.

2. Any special shape, according to your product application requirements.

3. Micro demension: 0.4~8 mm in thickness, 6~50 mm in width.

4. Support high rate discharge, fast charging capacity.

5. Wide operating temperature: -50 ℃~50 ℃ or -20 ℃~80 ℃.

6. Custom, semi-custom, and off-the-shelf batteries.

7. Test samples will be completed in 7 days.

8. European and USA warehouse for easy supply.

Over 5,000 shaped batteries to choose from

Model No. Voltage (V) C-rate (C) Capacity (mAh) IR (mΩ) Weight (g) Shape Structure
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GRP3030027-G2A 4.2 15 140 ≤75 3.1±0.3 Round
Grepow round shaped battery
GRP3013020-X2A 4.2 40 37 ≤300 1.1±0.2 Rectangle
Grepow rectangle shaped battery
GRP0849049-12A 4.35 1 140 ≤150 3.6±0.3 Ultra-thin
Grepow ultra-thin battery
GRP2524038-T1A 4.35 10 185 ≤80 4.1±0.5 Curved
Grepow curved shaped battery
GRP2022020-11A 4.2 1 50 ≤350 1.2±0.2 Hexagon
Grepow Hexagon shaped battery
GRP3922032-11A 4.2 1 270 ≤100 4.9±1.0 U type
Grepow U shaped battery

* More shaped battery specification guide:

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Limitless Applications

There are limitless applications for custom-made Grepow batteries. From wearable devices to IoT, the potential is endless. Just some of the products that we can customize batteries around are below:

Wearable: Smartwatch, smart bracelet, Bluetooth headphones, Bluetooth earbud, smart ring, smart glasses, AR/VR, smart belt, heating apparels, intelligent jewelry, smart shoes, heating insoles, GPS tracker, etc.

IoT: electronic tag, smart display card, OTP card, BLE credit card, fingerprint card, active RFID, TEMP. patch, etc.

Medical: hearing aids, fitness tracker, infusion pumps, ventilators, rehabilitation equipment, blood glucose meters, external pacemaker, ventilator, monitor, oximeter,etc.

Portable: electronic toothbrush, smart tape measure, musical instruments, LED, smart faucet, hair divider,etc.


Cutting edge chemistry. Good safety performance customizable dimensions small polymer battery.

  • Long cycles life

  • Performance under low temperature

  • Performance under high temperature

  • Charge Rate

Long cycles life
Long cycles life
Discharge Charateristic At Various Temperatures
Electrical Performance - Cycle Life
High tem. discharge curve
Excellent charge performance
Excellent charge performance


Grepow is in compliance with international standards to ensure safety for all applications.
  • Electrical Abuse Test

  • Environmental Abuse Test

  • Mechanical Abuse Test

Tests Method Standard Result
Short-Circuit Test Test at 25°C/55°C after the battery is fully charged No fire, no explosion. The external temperature of the battery is ≤150°C PASS
Over-Charge Test Discharge the battery to 3.0V, then charge it to 4.8V with 3C last for 7h No fire, no explosion. The external temperature of the battery is ≤150°C PASS
Over-Discharge Test Discharge the battery to 3.0V, then reverse charge the battery with 1C, set the voltage to 5V No fire, no explosion. The external temperature of the battery is ≤150°C PASS
Grepow shaped battery certifications

Fast Charging Capability

Grepow shaped batteries have adopted the stacking technology while applying Grepow's unique high power electrode formulation and manufacturing process, the batteries of fast charging and discharging at different rates can be designed. Grepow is the largest manufacturer for the Chinese high magnifying power lithium polymer battery, the fast charging is based on the high power cell, and it is also one of the Grepow's core technology. It has the following advantages:
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Here is a test case of the bending performance of a shaped battery:Charge the battery to 3.83v and fix the battery to the surface of the white PVC card. Fix the cell pole card to the bending and torsion tester, 15 degrees forward and backward, and 30 degrees total distortion, for bending and torsion test.

After the bending and torsion test of the 0.45mm ultrathin cell for 9000 times, the surface of the cell was folded and the internal pole sheet had creases. The internal resistance increased by about 45%. The voltage before and after the bending and torsion basically remained unchanged.

shaped battery bendable test curve
shaped battery bendable test curve

Shaped Batteries in Low Temperature

Grepow's shaped batteries can be made to operate in environments with low temperature of -50℃ to 50℃. Under low temperature, the batteries can achieve a lower internal resistance and, thus, a high discharge rate. Compared with traditional Lithium Polymer batteries, Grepow's batteries have broken through the discharge temperature limits of -20℃ to 60℃.

They are able to discharge over 60% efficiency at 0.2C at -40℃ and discharge over 80% efficiency at 0.2C at -30℃. When charged at 20℃ to 30℃ by 0.2C, the capacity can maintain above 85% after 300 cycles. The batteries can be ready for mass production, and they have been widely used in cold climates and military products.

Grepow low temperature shaped battery

Videos on Grepow's Custom-Shaped Batteries

From rectangular and straight to round and curved, any shape can be made to fit your product.
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