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Medical Battery Solution

With the continuous improvement of people's living standards, medical services and medical products are constantly improving, and traditional fixed medical equipment is constantly being replaced by new compact, strong, advanced and intelligent medical products.

The new intelligent medical equipment can intelligently and rationally select the tracking and treatment method according to the needs of different patients, and can move flexibly to facilitate the application and operation of different populations in different locations and different environments.

Grepow Medical Battery

At present, medical equipment is gradually becoming smaller and lighter, and mobile medical work such as on-site rescue and patient transfer is changing. Grepow lithium batteries have the advantages of high energy density, small size, light weight, long life, good battery capacity retention, wide operating temperature range, etc., and meet the requirements for lightweight and mobility of portable medical equipment.

  • Battery type: lithium polymer battery

  • Low temperature type: -50 ℃ ~ 50 ℃

  • Ordinary standard type: -20 ℃ ~ 60 ℃

  • High C-rate: up to 40C

  • Fast charging at 3C or even 5C

  • Custom: shapes, capacity, voltages, etc.

High Safety

The medical battery produced by Grepow has a complete safety protection circuit, an equalization circuit and a battery management unit (BMU). The multi-series and parallel lithium battery packs have strict configuration and high consistency. The product has been tested under different temperature, different current, shelf life and other conditions, including various abuse tests to ensure the safety performance of the battery. Grepow is in compliance with international standards to ensure safety for all medical applications.

  • Electrical Abuse Test
  • Environmental Abuse Test
  • Mechanical Abuse Test
Tests Method Standard Result
Short-Circuit Test Test at 25 °C/55 °C after the battery is fully charged No fire, no explosion. The external temperature of the battery is ≤150 °C PASS
Over-Charge Test Discharge the battery to 3.0V, then charge it to 4.8V with 3C last for 7h No fire, no explosion. The external temperature of the battery is ≤150 °C PASS
Over-Discharge Test Discharge the battery to 3.0V, then reverse-charge the battery with 1C, set the voltage to 5V No fire, no explosion. The external temperature of the battery is ≤150 °C PASS
medical battery

Grepow medical battery provides continuous and stable power supply for various medical equipment fixed and mobile use, and is in a safe, efficient, continuous and stable working state at all times!

Long Cycles Life

Generally, medical wearable device's working current is within 0.5C, in this case, the medical wearable battery life could be 1000 cycles. After 1000 cycles, the capacity maintained over 80%.

Long cycles life
Long cycles life

Over 5,000 medical batteries to choose from

Model No. Voltage (V) C-rate (C) Capacity (mAh) IR (mΩ) Weight (g) Shape Structure
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GRP3030027-G2A 4.2 15 140 ≤75 3.1±0.3 Round
Grepow round battery
GRP3013020-X2A 4.2 40 37 ≤300 1.1±0.2 Rectangle
Grepow rectangle battery
GRP0849049-12A 4.35 1 140 ≤150 3.6±0.3 Ultra-thin
Grepow ultra-thin battery
GRP2524038-T1A 4.35 10 185 ≤80 4.1±0.5 Curved
Grepow curved battery
GRP2022020-11A 4.2 1 50 ≤350 1.2±0.2 Hexagon
Grepow Hexagon battery
GRP3922032-11A 4.2 1 270 ≤100 4.9±1.0 U type
Grepow U type battery

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What are Grepow medical batteries use for?

Grepow medical batteries can be used into hearing aids, mobile ECG monitors, infusion pumps, ventilators, anesthesia machines, light curing machines, physical therapy, rehabilitation equipment, portable X-ray film machines, blood glucose meters, stimulators, infusion detectors, orthopedics Immobilizer, thermometer, defibrillator, wheelchair, external pacemaker, blood routine analyzer, electrocardiograph, pulse oximeter, light curing machine, root canal therapy device, ventilator, monitor, oximeter, beauty and Massage fitness equipment and so on.


Hearing aid

Maternity detector

Maternity detector



Blood pressure

Blood pressure

Temperature monitor

Temperature monitor

Telemedicine headset

Telemedicine headset

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